It won’t get out of bed!

I am ashamed to publicly admit it but my darling offspring seems to have established a permanent relationship with a duvet. Most normal people gauge their life between a time to go to bed and a very definitive or an approximate time to getting up. However, in the case of my offspring it may go to bed between 9pm and 5am and get up between 11am and 4pm.

On the occasions I have witnessed it getting up after a 24 hour sleep, the expression ‘looking like death warmed up’ held a more vivid and deeper meaning.

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No Worries. Live for today.

Live for today, the maxim dictates.

Live for tomorrow may only bring sorrow.

Live for yesterday is just memory recall

But live for now and your focus won’t stall.

We hope. We wish. We plan. We worry.

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Introvert or Extrovert – which is better?

I am often asked this question and my answer requires a bit of lateral thinking. There is a general perception amongst introverts that extrovert is better. They may consider themselves too shy and may envy Richard and Rachael who are always the life and soul of the party.

Most often when I am head hunting board directors they describe their personality as quiet, shy and find it difficult making small talk at dinner parties. Yet when discussing a work related topic they are very chatty.

Ostentatious extroverts are attention seekers and consciously endeavour to portray a positive persona of themselves. They are sensitive to criticism and will defend their ego if challenged.

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No Need to Apologise

If life is in stages where am I now?

The question is suppositional and from my coaching experience I realise that the working life is in stages. But most often the transition is so gradual and exponential that we don’t give the change much attention.

And then we are prompted to ask: Should career planning be more interventional? Should we be more proactive about changing jobs?

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Genius @ Work

Am I the only genius @ work?

The result of most Public Enquiries seems always to be that there are ‘lessons to be learned’.

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