Angry @ Work

Candidates tell me that the older they get, the more intolerant they become and don’t like themselves for it. Here I try to capture the contradictions and conundrums.

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Listening skills @ work

“That’s interesting and why ….? ” “I disagree because ….”. Listening can be more a personality disposition. Find out why.

Listening skills are difficult to write about and coaching on this topic can only really be conducted on a one-to-one basis. However, you may find a description of our structure useful

The best technique for self-improvement is to identify trends in other people.

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Is it the academics or the personal?

This is a fascinating topic. It is asking the question: if I am a student looking for a job, what are the most important factors that will determine my success at work? Is it my personal attributes, or is it my university degree, its subject and grade?

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Stress At Work

When I am coaching candidates on stress management, firstly I identify their personality working type and use this vital information to alleviate their vulnerability.

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Which is your world?

Are you an optimist, pessimist, realist or a bit of all three?

The world today…. an exciting place. Globalisation has crashed onto the world stage, breaking down trade barriers and leaving behind many ponderous, bureaucratic, pontifical institutions like the EU.

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