Personalities Underground

There are some people at my workplace whom I have never seen without them talking on the phone or staring at a mobile screen.

It will be interesting to see the transformation on the London Underground when they wire it for mobiles. Rather than us all gazing quietly at a screen, reading a book or newspaper or staring into space looking bored out of our minds, instead there will be a noisy background of multiple conversations which the ‘looking bored’ may or may not enjoy. Perhaps they would prefer their quiet moments happy with just the continual announcements and the rattling of the undercarriages.

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Interviews the 10 most common myths and tips

1) Myth: make sure you establish a good rapport with the interviewers

Tip: the interviewer’s focus is on whether you can do the job rather than whether you are going to be their new friend.

2) Myth: Interviews are like “question time”. The more questions I answer correctly, the more likely I am to get the job.

Tip: interviewers are judging your soft skills. How you say it is more important than what you say.

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How important is career goal setting?

Career goal setting should always be a personal choice rather than a universal norm.

How helpful career goal setting is will depend on your personality type?

The Analyst and the Creative will enjoy goal setting as structured planning is ‘in character’. Supporters will take a neutral stance and use it depending on the occasion and circumstance, and particularly if it is recommended by a respected friend or colleague. Influencers are unlikely to spend much time on this exercise and, if they do, they are just as likely to frequently alter their goals or not adhere to them.

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Good mood, bad mood. What dictates your mood? Is it you or your environment?

We know of colleagues who always shows their moods. If they are annoyed they show it in their expressions and speech. If they are happy it is clear for all to see.

And then we have colleagues we have been working with for a while, but we feel we still don’t really know them. They are quiet and rarely show their emotions and interestingly whether colleagues show their emotion is more related to their personality type than to the circumstances.

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Well, up until recently and before the demise of the News of the World, the answer might be a resounding yes. And many people were amazed at how sensitive people in power were to media coverage. They were surprised at how deliberately predacious the Press could be by way of hounding them into silence through negative stories or subliminal innuendoes. And the recent events where many sectors have been caught out have now provoked deeper and philosophical debate on the boundaries and interpretation of human rights and freedom of the press.

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