Should I establish a rapport with the interviewer?

And the answer seems obvious. Yes of course you should do your best to establish a good rapport. If you are working all day with someone it is important that you get on well together.

One of my favourite clients, an international HR director has excellent interpersonal skills, is very friendly, charming, empathetic and makes candidates really feel welcome and at ease.

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Gap year. Can I have one every year please?

How to have a GAP YEAR every year

I don’t think the idea of having a gap year for one or even every year is going to be a sudden revelation, a sudden out-of-body moment, but rather something you have been thinking about “had in the back of your mind” for some time. Perhaps this booklet may give you the conviction to turn your idea into reality.

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Entrepreneur – Is it a freedom or just an ego thing?

Can I be an entrepreneur?

The quick answer to this question is, ‘Yes, you can be an entrepreneur.’ I considered ‘How can I be an Entrepreneur?’ as an alternative title for this booklet as it emphasises the content and focus, which is to show you how to achieve your dream or ambition and be one of those special people called entrepreneurs.

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Building your career profile

Your work experiences, your personal circumstances, your personal preferences and your personal development are never static. They are continually evolving and changing and your career goals and aspirations must reflect this change and adaptation.

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CV-Two Pages or Longer?

The ‘two pages’ opinion also indicates a misunderstanding of the focus of the CV. If I were a Managing Director, I don’t think the selection panel would be over impressed with my two-page crammer.

Clearly, the number of pages will be determined by your seniority and years of experience.

I read a CV for its content, not its length. If you are a student fresh from University with about six months work experience then you will use one or two pages to tell your story whilst if you have been working for ten years in different roles you will need to be more elaborate.

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