Contract or Permanent?

The shorttermism endemic in today’s working environment has a direct influence on the nature of employment contracts.

The dominance of technology has created a modus operandi where workflows are more frequently being encased in projects. This means that tasks become time definitional. This then also means that if you are an organisation with a high propensity for project related work you will employ staff on a contract basis.

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Winning on Interview

This is an exciting subject to write about. The point of an interview is to get the job. A really good performance on interview will result in a job offer. Your whole life changes. You text friends, leave messages and send emails. You want to share the good news with everyone. It is amazing to think of the changes a new job brings to your lifestyle: new motivation, new journeys to make, new colleagues to meet, and a new financial perspective.

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Today’s rock and roll work climate

The present working environment, whether it is a commercially-focused corporation or a not-for-profit organisation, is demanding and has a short-term cycle

It will be influenced by the short-term trading culture that is so prevalent in today’s market.

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Redundancy and How to Survive It

The reality is that many more employees will experience redundancy at some stage in their working career in the current fluid job market. It does not have to be a monumental global catastrophe such as the credit crunch. It can be a local event where cheaper imported products have created competition that cannot be matched, making the organisation no longer sustainable.

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