Which is your world?

Are you an optimist, pessimist, realist or a bit of all three?

The world today….

...is an exciting place. Globalisation has crashed onto the world stage, breaking down trade barriers and leaving behind many ponderous, bureaucratic, pontifical institutions like the EU.

Democracy is ruling ok and dictatorial governments are falling over and the will power and voice of the people are forcing their way through oppression and autocracy.

Never before has there been such a focus on human rights. News is no longer parochial. Papers, radio and television will cover the murder of a tourist in South Africa or Kenya. Even one killing is proffered as wrong, as a serious crime in any place, at any time. Never before has there been such a global convergence of sharing goods, of reacting to famines and of respecting people’s rights either on a national or individual scale. The world today is the best place to be, where trade barriers have collapsed, job opportunities abound and where over 99.9% of populations live in peace.

The world today...

Greed rules ok. ‘Fat cats’, in the form of ‘fat bankers permanently, echo the pleading cry of a Dickensian Oliver Twist with the inevitable more, more. Share and share alike are vacuous dictates. “Let them work for it’, they cry. I am entitled to my 2m, 3m. The system pays it would you say no.

Countries fight countries, countries fight themselves and on a local basis, marriage as an institution, is archaic; parental discipline is abdicated and in their place add drug addiction, looting and crime.

Politicians milk their expenses; papers try to dictate national policy and for religion substitute power and loads of money.

So which world are you living in today?

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