Leader At Work

There is no one optimum leadership style.

We must think audience. Whom are we leading?

Good leadership can only be defined in its application context rather than a role model with an amazing suite of skills. Is good leadership the domain of the person or the situation?

Leadership incorporates two factors. The first one is you must know the audience you are leading and secondly, your leadership style which will very much depend on your personality type. For example, if you are leading a group of highly technical executives and began to motivate them by an enthusiastic, energetic, ebullience hyped presentation, then it is very likely that they would not be over reactive to this style of approach. Technical executives will react best to a more pragmatic approach, with less of the, what they consider to be, an unnecessary and over-emotive, artificial delivery.

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Au Revoir from a Fat Cat

They paid me a wad. Not sure why.

Don’t deserve it, didn’t earn it, but not going to cry.

It’s like bet on a horse and hope for the best.

But win or lose, you made the right guess.

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London, My London

It’s the place to be and the place to avoid I love it to death, but can often get annoyed.

Multicultural they say – that’s the main vocal But challenge you anywhere to find a real local.

Amazing buildings, crazy buildings that’s the real city

Nice parts, great atmosphere and bits that need pity.

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Is there an optimum learning technique? Can one size fit all?

Distance learning, blended learning, lectures, tutorials, interactive or not, Kindle or hard copy, IPad, IPod, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

You hear people say ‘I prefer a real book, which I can relate to in terms of design, size, shape, individual feel and with its own personality. EBooks are all the same and do not personally relate to the reader and I never know whether I am half way through or near the end.

I get everything from the internet. If you know where and how to look you can find everything you want. I don’t do libraries or book shops anymore. I enjoy eBooks, I don’t need page markers and when I am having my breakfast I can stir my tea and eat my toast at the same time without having to place the pot of jam on the book to keep it open.

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Politics @ work

This more about personality than work environment.

I remember interviewing an Analyst with a First from Oxford in a science subject and I explained that his personality type at work was not conducive to politics. We discussed the 4 Lowe personality profiles and he could readily identify a colleague as an Influencer type in his last workplace as he constantly referred to their work environment as highly political.

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