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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

There is no one optimum leadership style.

We must think audience. Whom are we leading?

Good leadership can only be defined in its application context rather than a role model with an amazing suite of skills. Is good leadership the domain of the person or the situation?

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They paid me a wad. Not sure why.

Don’t deserve it, didn’t earn it, but not going to cry.

It’s like bet on a horse and hope for the best.

But win or lose, you made the right guess.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays
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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

It’s the place to be and the place to avoid I love it to death, but can often get annoyed.

Multicultural they say – that’s the main vocal But challenge you anywhere to find a real local.

Amazing buildings, crazy buildings that’s the real city

Nice parts, great atmosphere and bits that need pity.

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Distance learning, blended learning, lectures, tutorials, interactive or not, Kindle or hard copy, IPad, IPod, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

You hear people say ‘I prefer a real book, which I can relate to in terms of design, size, shape, individual feel and with its own personality. EBooks are all the same and do not personally relate to the reader and I never know whether I am half way through or near the end.

I get everything from the internet. If you know where and how to look you can find everything you want. I don’t do libraries or book shops anymore. I enjoy eBooks, I don’t need page markers and when I am having my breakfast I can stir my tea and eat my toast at the same time without having to place the pot of jam on the book to keep it open.

But the preference can indicate a more meaningful interpretation and be in fact insightful in terms of our personality.

As defined in Career Coaching, which describes the different personality characteristics means that the Analyst and Creative type will predominantly focus on the material rather than the delivery platform. ‘Tell it as it is’ is their motto. They do not need an animated lecturer making extravagant gestures to grasp the point. They will engage well with the depersonalised methods of learning. In contrast the Supporter personality type or the Influencer type will focus and be persuaded by the enthusiastic, humorous Professor and perhaps find the technology platforms OK but boring and without a personality.

The Creative will use Apple for its design feel, relational features and innovative delivery. Products which are boring and look old fashioned will not appeal.

The Analyst will look for results. Is the information useful or relevant? Chat lines are an anathema to the Analyst. They serve no purpose and are for people who just like to talk and have not enough to do. They will prefer conference calls to Skype as they consider the content more important than a view, the picture as a pointless distraction.

The Supporter uses all forms of communication and will enjoy video conferencing where they can see the speaker and their physical interactions. Knowing whether people are sad, angry, confused, happy, shy or confrontational is a fundamental component of the meaningful conversation for the Supporter.

The Influencer also enjoys face to face communications, particularly when they are in the driving seat and have an opportunity to impress the audience. Skype, video conferencing, lecturing, tutorials are learning vehicles which are very conducive to the Influencer’s personality.

Know your personality and you can know your preferential learning vehicle and dramatically increase your performance in terms of grades.

So my conclusion is that there is an optimum learning technique for each individual student and no – one size does not fit all.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

This more about personality than work environment.

I remember interviewing an Analyst with a First from Oxford in a science subject and I explained that his personality type at work was not conducive to politics. We discussed the 4 Lowe personality profiles and he could readily identify a colleague as an Influencer type in his last workplace as he constantly referred to their work environment as highly political.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

I am ashamed to publicly admit it but my darling offspring seems to have established a permanent relationship with a duvet. Most normal people gauge their life between a time to go to bed and a very definitive or an approximate time to getting up. However, in the case of my offspring it may go to bed between 9pm and 5am and get up between 11am and 4pm.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

Live for today, the maxim dictates.

Live for tomorrow may only bring sorrow.

Live for yesterday is just memory recall

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I am often asked this question and my answer requires a bit of lateral thinking. There is a general perception amongst introverts that extrovert is better. They may consider themselves too shy and may envy Richard and Rachael who are always the life and soul of the party.

Most often when I am head hunting board directors they describe their personality as quiet, shy and find it difficult making small talk at dinner parties. Yet when discussing a work related topic they are very chatty.

Ostentatious extroverts are attention seekers and consciously endeavour to portray a positive persona of themselves. They are sensitive to criticism and will defend their ego if challenged.

I would describe introverts and extroverts more in the context of my 4 Personality Types.

From my experience the Influencer is an outgoing extrovert and enjoys being centre stage. The Supporter will generally have a neutral persona and their behaviour will be dependent on the people company.

If they are with close friends they will be relaxed and outgoing. If they are in the company of strangers they are more reserved. The Analyst has more of a reactive persona and will often be considered quiet and withdrawn. They will not make spontaneous conversation.

Their rational mentality means that conversation must have a definite focus rather than be small talk.

The Creative can be very animated when the subject is of strong personal interest other wise they become bored quickly.

So should the introvert be more outgoing and should the extrovert tone down their over enthusiastic performance? I don’t think so. ‘Be yourself’ is a good maxim. Different situations require different behaviours. And whilst the extrovert is receiving standing ovations for their performance at sales conventions, the introvert may be happily figuring out how this new gadget they have just bought works.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

If life is in stages where am I now?

The question is suppositional and from my coaching experience I realise that the working life is in stages. But most often the transition is so gradual and exponential that we don’t give the change much attention.

And then we are prompted to ask: Should career planning be more interventional? Should we be more proactive about changing jobs?

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

Am I the only genius @ work?

The result of most Public Enquiries seems always to be that there are ‘lessons to be learned’.

Well hello! I have been to school and I have learned my lessons. I have learned from school and my parents that:

  1. Children should not be abused.
  2. That paedophilia is morally wrong and criminal.
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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

The shorttermism endemic in today’s working environment has a direct influence on the nature of employment contracts.

The dominance of technology has created a modus operandi where workflows are more frequently being encased in projects. This means that tasks become time definitional. This then also means that if you are an organisation with a high propensity for project related work you will employ staff on a contract basis.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

This is an exciting subject to write about. The point of an interview is to get the job. A really good performance on interview will result in a job offer. Your whole life changes. You text friends, leave messages and send emails. You want to share the good news with everyone. It is amazing to think of the changes a new job brings to your lifestyle: new motivation, new journeys to make, new colleagues to meet, and a new financial perspective.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

The present working environment, whether it is a commercially-focused corporation or a not-for-profit organisation, is demanding and has a short-term cycle

It will be influenced by the short-term trading culture that is so prevalent in today’s market.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

The reality is that many more employees will experience redundancy at some stage in their working career in the current fluid job market. It does not have to be a monumental global catastrophe such as the credit crunch. It can be a local event where cheaper imported products have created competition that cannot be matched, making the organisation no longer sustainable.

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The rate of change in the modern commercial environment means we may cross a number of career boundaries during our working life. We need to be able to adapt to this rate of change and adjust to different work situations. This book will give you the skills to do this.

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And the answer seems obvious. Yes of course you should do your best to establish a good rapport. If you are working all day with someone it is important that you get on well together.

One of my favourite clients, an international HR director has excellent interpersonal skills, is very friendly, charming, empathetic and makes candidates really feel welcome and at ease.

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How to have a GAP YEAR every year

I don’t think the idea of having a gap year for one or even every year is going to be a sudden revelation, a sudden out-of-body moment, but rather something you have been thinking about “had in the back of your mind” for some time. Perhaps this booklet may give you the conviction to turn your idea into reality.

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Can I be an entrepreneur?

The quick answer to this question is, ‘Yes, you can be an entrepreneur.’ I considered ‘How can I be an Entrepreneur?’ as an alternative title for this booklet as it emphasises the content and focus, which is to show you how to achieve your dream or ambition and be one of those special people called entrepreneurs.

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Posted by on in Articles and Essays

Your work experiences, your personal circumstances, your personal preferences and your personal development are never static. They are continually evolving and changing and your career goals and aspirations must reflect this change and adaptation.

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