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The Influencer

The Influencer is articulate and outgoing and may be described as being a good talker. They are likely to display the following qualities:

  • Outgoing and verbose with an answer for everything.
  • Enjoys the social aspect of the work environment. Has a wide circle of friends and dislikes ‘sitting in’.
  • Always shares their opinions and experiences with others.
  • A good leader whom others find inspirational.
  • A strong negotiator and sales person.
  • Likely to dominate group meetings.
  • Highly political in a work environment.

An Influencer has good commercial acumen and can be motivated by the prospect of earning commission or a bonus based on performance. They will endeavour to take up promotion opportunities and, consequently, can move up the career ladder faster. A higher income also gives them the option to indulge in ‘good taste’ for expensive purchases.

Management style

The Influencer’s style best suits sales teams where inspirational and positive encouragement is needed. They may have difficulty leading technical teams whereby they may need to adopt a more consensual approach, concentrating on rationale and task goals, rather than emotive transient argument.

The Influencer enjoys the limelight and being the focus of attention. They enjoy compliments and positive feedback. ‘Great speech!’ ‘Best presentation I have heard for years!’ These reputation-enhancing comments will delight the Influencer who has the unique skill to adapt their management style to suit the audience. The Influencer is a purveyor of good news and a natural leader with a very positive disposition.

The Influencer and their interactions

The Influencer, like the Supporter, has a predominant people orientation. They enjoy people interaction, but will have less people empathy than a Supporter. They most often manifest an extrovert personality. They have a propensity to adjust their behaviour to suit the situation.

The Influencer is extremely flexible and adaptable and will endeavour to establish a positive rapport with their manager. They recognise corporate hierarchy and can be relied upon to get a job done. Their positive mindset/ego is their driver.

If they produce a great performance, the Influencer expects a great response: ‘You were great.’ ‘That’s the best!’ ‘Congratulations!’ ‘How did you do that?’ ‘Oh, it was nothing,’ is their polite response as they gloat in the adulation. The Influencer has a positive disposition and is a good talker. The natural flip side to being a good talker is being a poor listener.

‘Let me tell you about the bargain I got on eBay. Can anyone guess how much I paid for these?’  Whether anyone is interested in the items, their value or how much the Influencer paid are not factors that would be remotely considered by the Influencer. If challenged conversationally, they will sternly defend their position.

The Influencer’s large ego does not allow much room for modesty. Their predominant work pattern is to perform and manage through verbal influence. If colleagues are reluctant to co-operate, the Influencer will engage verbally and sell the idea.

Influencers are strong time managers but poor at assimilating detail. ‘It’s the big picture that counts,’ will be their energetic philosophy. Identifying the core fact can be a challenge to the Influencer, as the premise of ‘how I say it’ can be more persuasive than ‘what I say’.

A striking presentation may have to sacrifice content and detail and, therefore, the Influencer may apply embellishment and exaggeration to persuade the audience. This is acceptable behaviour from their perspective, providing the audience is not misled and the substance is true.

They are self-centred and enjoy sharing their ideas. They enjoy lively debates and challenging other opinions, raising the tempo by expressing controversial and non-conformist viewpoints. Influencers are likeable, positive, active, have a good sense of humour and a ‘can do’ mentality.

The Influencer may become lazy if their work does not motivate them. They are easily bored and will move jobs more often than most. Money, variety and challenge are their drivers and they will aim to achieve targets and receive commission. Their vocabulary is often supercharged with emotive terms.

‘Life and soul of the party’ is a good description and whether at a party or at work the Influencer will be very interested in what people do. Status is important to the Influencer.

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