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The Creative

The Creative is a lateral Analyst with the ability to think ‘outside the square’ and bring a fresh, original perspective to workplace challenges. The following characteristics are typical of the Creative:

  • A creative aptitude, which can manifest as a special design talent or a strong appreciation of the arts.
  • Takes nothing for granted.
  • Enjoys new ideas and non-traditional routes to problem solving.
  • Confidently states opinions on advertising campaigns, market trends and future product and lifestyle developments.
  • Over sensitive at times and does not take criticism well.
  • Has difficulties with time management and works on the philosophy of ‘Give me more time and I can do an even better job.’
  • Has 3D visualisation.

Management style

The Creative adopts a fast-forward ‘follow me’ style of management. They strive to achieve optimum standards and will expect the same aspirant attitude from their team. The nuances of office politics will present a particular challenge to the Creative, who should ignore such distracting permutations and retain their strong focus on the commercial goals. The Creative is a strong, non-political, no-nonsense leader whose natural enthusiasm creates a positive effective management style. They dislike criticism and can appear opinionated and autocratic in their approach, but the corollary to this style is the fact that they know where they are going and how they are going to get there.

The Creative and their interactions

The Creative has an amazing ability to visualise conceptually from many perspectives. They create designs relating to architecture, products, fashion and packaging; write books, plays, lyrics, advertising jingles; paint, illustrate; compose, perform, etc. – creations that have underpinned the worldwide success of some of our best-known products, art, architecture, music, advertising and fashion.

The Creative can be opinionated and stubborn and will generally defend any criticism of their work.

The Creative has a talent that they must have the scope to manifest or apply. The architect must design. The artist must paint. The Creative has a strong talent for design and they are motivated when they are positively developing and applying that talent within a practical application.

The Creative is open and transparent in their views and will enjoy intellectualising discussions.

When I am describing personality types, I am predominantly describing the trait or characters in isolation and outlining the main or predominant behaviours for that particular type. Picasso, Yehudi Menuhin and Andrew Lloyd-Webber manifest unique creative talents.

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