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Its Workplace

Historically we think of admin as the supportive paperwork related to some task but we are now more likely to be feeding, processing or manipulating data on our PC or laptop.

It is not regarded as a standalone career path but it is so essential for the success of all commercial activity and since it is a full-time role for so many employees, it is worth highlighting. Sales, purchases, payroll, credit control, customer/client database, balance sheets are key activities to all organisations and must be recorded accurately and within a given timescale. Legal and regulatory compliance obligations will also generate administration.

Apart from the routine of fulfilling the regular tasks, administrators will be constantly interrupted by queries and complaints which will need researching and this can be an enjoyable or disagreeable aspect of the job, depending on the nature of the query or complaint. Supplying information which is highly beneficial to a third party and is gratefully received is very different to dealing directly with an irritated customer with an unreasonable and truculent attitude.

Skills for Administration

The Supporter personality type makes the best administrator. They have the grit and resilience which is needed for a role which by nature is repetitive. Administration often requires teamwork where there is an interdependence on the successful flow of information. Accuracy is vital and attention to detail critical. The Supporter is good at these tasks.

Administrators have the advantage in that their role is central to the success of all organisations.


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