Skills for research

The Analyst's profile as described in the Lowe Career Profiler suits the researcher. The constant attention to detail and the need for a strong mathematical understanding and aptitude means that it is only the analyst who will enjoy the science of measurement and discovery.

Its workplace

It is never really a standalone activity but relational. It must refer to an organizational or most an educational establishment.

I have noticed that more and more job descriptions will include the activity to conduct research with varying levels of expertise. Conducting qualitative and quantitative research now underpins roles involving policy, marketing, regulations, compliance, web management.

The Internet has facilitated the expansion and applications for research. Data mining of loyalty cards can help retailers to target their customers more effectively.

Research may be deductive and endorse the robustness of an hypotheses, or it may be empirical to find the causes of behaviours.

New Technologies means that we have new methodologies for capturing and subsequently mining high volumes of data. Observation, evaluation, testing and application are the typical processes for making meaningful use of information through research.
Clinical research has an applied focus but research will cover all descriptions wherever there is a need for better understanding, knowledge extension and the constant striving towards improvement and development. We are always searching for a way to predict outcomes whether it be for drug applications, share purchases, government policy and a need for science to help us get it right. Research can do that.

Big data is our next big challenge. We can collect data in the order of exabytes. We have areas such as meteorology, genomes and connections, which involve complex physics simulations, but as yet we cannot fully assimilate and process all the data we can store and capture.

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