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Skills for psychology

Psychology is a science with a strong focus on mathematical computations as the basis for much empirical research. On this basis I am of the view that psychology best suits the Analyst's profile.
Much of the diagnostics are based on testing and the application of theory, and these skills are the strong remit of the Analyst.

Its workplace

The main specialisms in psychology are clinical, education and occupational.

Clinical physiology will focus on a wide range of mental health problems including personality disorders, addiction, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and relationship issues. A clinical psychologist will work collaboratively with psychiatrists, prescribe medicine but may as well use cognitive based therapy (CBT) or other talk treatments, depending on the patient's problems.
Educational psychology mainly concentrates on learning difficulties and will apply structure testing to diagnose the causes.

We are familiar with terms such as autism and dyslexia which can seriously impede the learning progress and where an early diagnosis can significantly help in terms of professional management.
Educational psychology work will involve mainly children, teenagers and young adults.

Occupational psychology focuses on increasing the effectiveness of organisations. The activities will concentrate on staff development in terms of training, succession planning, talent management, stress management, recruitments and selection.

Unlike clinical and educational occupational will always incorporate a commercial component to all their staff development solutions and recommendations.