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Accountants will be in the analytical category of personality type and those who enjoy the very technically challenging roles, such as mathematical modelling or actuarial, will stay in this category space whilst those who enjoy using their qualification in a more people interactive modus operandi, such as management consultancy, will have the Supporter as their secondary personality type.
View accountancy as an end goal in terms of career choice or choose it as a universal qualification which can be a foundational platform to expand your career options such as city trader, analyst, general banking, consultant and roles which require the examination, interpretation and application of volume data.

Today's commercial environment concentrates more on technology, surveys and measurements, which are also in synergy with the mentality and core skills of an accountant.

Its workplace

Accountancy is one of the most popular career choices. This is due to its versatility in terms of applications. Accountants may specialise in management consultancy, auditing, banking, actuarial, entrepreneurship, IT or company directorship. In fact, due to the core technical skills, which are critical for all trading, it can be difficult to identify roles which are exclusive to accountants. Many employees have used accountancy as an anchor qualification, which has helped them to migrate their skills in different directions.

I remember one of my most senior clients, who was a divisional managing director of one of the largest corporations and an engineer by profession, often commented that he had regretfully not studied accountancy. He felt over-dependent on the Financial Director when constructing global strategy.

Accountants will often have a direct or indirect involvement with IT. It may be in the specification of a new system or the management of a new installation. Their expertise in administering the financials and their propensity to broadly identify with the technology places them in the high demand category, as these two functions are core to today's trading environment. Report and accounts, balance sheets, statements of affairs, return on investment are all windows to the soul of trading organisations. Intelligent examination to identify any omissions and what to include is a skill much in demand in today's commercially volatile climate.
If I were to try to place some demarcation in this strong qualification with universal applications, I have observed that the highly academic candidates apply their skills to protectorate scenarios: for example, auditor or ombudsman and they join governing bodies which dictate and manage policy. The Financial Conduct Authority, government, HM Revenue & Customs are good examples of career destinations, as is the actuarial profession where you find accountants who prefer the challenge of the task rather than interaction with people.

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