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Skills for marketing

Marketing embraces all four personality types. We need the Influencer to sell, the Creative to design, the Analyst for the technology and the Supporter develops and applies the strategy.

Its workplace

The Internet is now the dominant channel for marketing goods. One of my clients previously employed 800 sales executives nationally to sell their products. Currently they employ about 10 and have a three-fold increase in revenue.

I recently purchased a trailer, a gas hob and PC online. I physically viewed a range of hobs in a retail store and made my choice based on that visit though I used the Internet to achieve the optimum value in terms of price.
This is a typical scenario in today's technology led consumer society. The challenge is to present a product on a website which is fit for purchase. The consumer needs information in terms of specification and functionality and the presentation must have that 'must buy' appeal.

The absence of a face-to-face influence in terms of sales executives mean that design now takes a higher and more prominent position as the influencer of purchase. Another trend, which I am experiencing as a recruitment consultant, is the fact that more and more job descriptions pertaining to marketing are requiring a greater expertise in IT. Analytics in the form of search engine optimisation (SEO) and data mining are playing a central role in internet marketing strategy.

Tesco can data mine their loyalty cards and develop a more focused targeted and niche mailshot campaign. Social media marketing incorporating Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all platforms where organisations feel they must have a present though from my feedback the benefits in many cases are at preset negotiable.

Globalisation has dramatically increased competition. The Internet has dramatically increased marketing opportunities and diversities.

The stage includes the astute management of distribution, pricing, branding, segmentation, identity, publicity, mobile marketing and the media will incorporate printing, product demonstration and publication.