The Construction industry

Skills for construction

Architects are classic creatives. Engineers, quantity, pre- and post-contracts and planners fit the Analyst profile.

Its Workplace

I was one of the main recruiters for the construction of Disneyland Paris. The structures were one-offs including castles, rock formation and arenas and presented a high challenge to the quantity surveys, civil structural engineers and architects as the project was engine and did not replicate any previous structures.

The construction industry will incorporate the new build or renovation of infrastructure (roads, rail and bridges) commercial offices, factories, schools, museums, residential and retail. 

The architects, engineers and quantity surveys and planners will normally specialise in a particular sector as the expertise and knowledge required will be sector-specific. Building a 50-story office block with reinforced concrete or strict framing is vastly different to building a 10-kilometre, 3-lane motorway where compaction layering to manage drainage subsidence and surface wear is critical. The role will suit executives who enjoy seeing the end project and gain great satisfaction in knowing they played a key role in its construction.

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