Skills for teaching

The Supporter personality type is the most common in the teaching profession. The Analyst personality can suit the teacher of A-level students where the style is more academic in nature. The Analyst will not enjoy teaching in schools where there are serious behavioural issues and where class discipline rules the lesson. They will fit well teaching in a private school. The Creative will have plenty of scope to use their special skills in music, art and drama lessons. The Influencer is the only personality type who is left out in the teaching profession since there is little opportunity for them to use their selling skills and where patience is not their forte.

Its workplace

Teaching could be described as a vocational profession in that it requires a strong, positive commitment and motivation to perform successfully.

The nature of the role and the skills required will very much depend on the age and the ability of the students or pupils. Younger pupils, for example those of nursery age, three or four years, will require a caring as well as a learning interaction. The general emphasis is to create an environment where the child will enjoy activities and develop social skills by mixing with peer groups. Teaching this age group requires very different skills than those needed to engage academically with a lively class of 18-year-olds who are determined to publicise their view loudly and succinctly.

The wide breadth of age ranges of children in the field of education, from the very young at nursery level to mature sixth-formers, demonstrates the diversity within the teaching profession. Most teachers concentrate their career focus on nursery, infant, junior or senior groups though there is the opportunity to migrate one's skills across all levels.

The vocational element is important to recognise since a significant amount of time must be allocated to administration incorporating the familiarisation of new syllabuses, lesson preparation, marking and student progress reports.

Teaching offers structured career opportunities and there are many posts of responsibilities within schools and colleges. The role of head teacher is high profile and prestigious and the salaries competitive to reflect the management skills required.

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