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Skills for supply chain/logistics

Managing the process in terms of operationally applying the supply chain applications best suits the Supporter personality type. There is also a strong role for the Analyst in the upgrading and development of the many facets of supply chain systems.

The Internet has enabled global sourcing, increased competition, pressurised margins and thereby raised the profile of technology in its role in the supply and transportation of goods.

Its workplace

When we visit our local supermarket late on a Saturday evening we expect the shelves to be well stocked, and when we order that new manual from Amazon we take for granted that it will arrive tomorrow as promised. Furthermore we expect to be able to track its journey en route.

There are two fundamental aspects to supply chain/logistics. The mode of transport and the supportive technology. When we check-out our tin of beans this transaction will interface with the stock levels in the store and if they are on the restocking levels a message will be sent to a warehouse to include fresh stock in the next delivery for that particular store.

Manufactured goods will be stored in warehouses where the retrieval may be conducted by a fully automated system or by lift trucks.

Large food retailers will receive their supplies from destination centres, which will be strategically placed in sympathy with good transport lines.

Technology is key to storage and distribution. Many versatile products will have a short shelf life and managing monitoring their storage and transportations within defined temperature levels can be achieved.
On the physical side the technology is supported with ships, trucks, vans, trains, planes, motorbikes, forklift trucks and loading shovels are all common modes of goods transportation and each mode will be adapted to the physical composition of the goods.

The supply chain solutions must be innovative and constantly upgraded to meet the high demands of customers for information on transit.

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