Public Service

Skills for public service

The Analyst will suit roles in the Government Actuary's Department and the UK's National Statistics authority. The Creative personality type would enjoy opportunities within the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. The Supporter personality would suit most departments where the welfare of people is the dominant focus such as education, health, food and rural affairs.

The Influencer would generally not enjoy civil service roles since the culture restraint does not offer the scope to influence or persuade and thus to gain an income based on results. Working directly for a political party canvassing and promoting their cause, however, does allow the Influencer to apply their persuasive skills and to gain recognition for their achievements.

Its workplace

Public service has many employment opportunities which replicate the commercial sector. If you are employed by the Civil Service – a non-political body – policy content will be key. If employed in an organization with a political affiliation however, appearance, and how a policy is presented, is key – and this can even take precedence over the policy content.

The Civil Service can offer the opportunity to plan a career since it is not so susceptible or vulnerable, as commercial organisations are, to the ebb and flow of the economy and its performance. Nonetheless governments do impose cuts and create redundancies though less frequently.

But the absence of the commercial dynamic does put a different interpretation on responsibility and accountability. The culture is more political in the loose sense of the word and cultivating effective personal associations can be career enhancing. Governments are constantly encouraging their departments to be more budget aware and to build a mentality of value for money.

There is a vast range of opportunities and career choices within central and local government which will appeal to employees who enjoy fulfilling a role that's a public service with a tangible outcome. The departments specialise in business, media and sport, education, foreign affairs, transport, health, defence, law, finance, export, energy, work and pensions, forestry, food standards, actuarial, fraud and climate change. You will not find such a variety of activities under one roof within the commercial sector.

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