Skills for pharmacology

The Analyst is ideally suited to roles in clinical research, drug safety and pharmacovigilance, and biostatistics.

The Supporter with strong literary skills has the ideal personality for regulatory affaires, medical affaires and policy.

The Influencer matches the profile of medical representative which can be a highly rewarding role and the Creative will have a good deal of scope to exercise their innovative designs with the point of purchase and point of sale environments.

Its workplace

This industry is worth a special mention as it is large, has a global reach and plays an important role in the quality of life for all the world’s population. Perceptions vary from it being a life-saver to it being exploitative by charging too much for drugs.

Most pharmaceutical companies are big as they need to secure large amounts of capital to fund research products. Not all their products are medicinal and many will have a health and beauty range such as skin creams, shampoos, etc. The industry pays well and is selective in its recruitment process. The range of employment opportunities is extensive and apart from the traditional functions such as accounts, IT, legal, advertising, HR, sales, policy, manufacturing, the industry will employ clinical specialists who focus on research and clinical trials, which are the core activities to bringing a drug to market.

Drugs are sold through the prescription process by doctors and hospitals or over the counter by pharmacists or supermarkets (referred to as OTC) where a prescription is not required.

The process of bringing drugs to market is lengthy and must navigate the legislation involving close compliance with many health and safety regulations. Most pharmaceutical companies trade globally and each country will have its set of regulations. Each country will require an individual brand and marketing strategy.

The research function will employ medical doctors and PhD students whose doctorate thesis focuses on a topic relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

This requires a highly analytical aptitude and within my four personality types, the research department is the perfect home for the Analyst.

Marketing and advertising are key functions within these companies where markets are very competitive. Packaging and visual design presentation can be the catalyst for OTC products sales success and will be reliant on the Creative’s skills.

Pharmaceutical companies need the Influencer to market their prescription drugs through medical representatives who visit hospitals and doctors personally and who specialise in selling niche drugs for the treatment of illnesses in specific areas of medicine, respiratory, ophthalmology, pain and urology, orthopaedics, oncology and cardiology being examples.

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