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What We Do

The move towards a ’coaching culture’ is a defining feature of today's commercial landscape.

Coaching Strategy

Today's working environment is dynamic, fast forward and with a strong technology focus. Globalisation has created more competition. More competition has created tighter margins. The now is the future and short-termism is endemic.

The above scenario has meant that the structure of the workplace is highly project-oriented resulting in more change, more meetings and more challenges. To plan a definite career through this maze is difficult as job roles are not necessarily exponential within a defined corporate hierarchy.

This means that modern coaching strategy must have personal development as the primary focus and the marketplace as the secondary.

The Four Working Styles

Unique to this coaching programme is the identification of your optimum working style, which profiles your personality at work. Knowing if you are an Analyst, Creative, Supporter or Influencer means you can now begin to concentrate on roles which are you-specific, resulting in higher performance and greater enjoyment at work.
The typology is based on expert primary research and captures the behaviours and trends currently in the job market.

The Lowe Career Profiler

The Lowe Career Profiler will focus on you as an individual and guide you on a journey with the exclusive objective of securing quality employment.

The knowledge you will gain and the skills you will achieve are career tools that you can apply throughout your working life to positively manage all events, such as redundancy, new applications, promotions and head hunts.

When a doctor qualifies they must demonstrate their skills in practice. When a lawyer qualifies for the Bar they must demonstrate their communication skills in a courtroom.

When an MBA student achieves their qualifications they must demonstrate their knowledge in the workplace. An MBA qualification means an employer has higher expectations of you as a manager, strategist and a leader.

The Lowe Career Profiler has been developed for MBA students and leads them on an informed journey, which will enhance their MBA qualifications by clearly demonstrating how you can apply it to the current job market.

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The Creative

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The Supporter

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